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    Passing Multiple input Params to REST API Request

    Mahesh Kannan New Member



      Using IICS  i need to invoke REST API(Method :GET).

      Got 2 Parameters and a Authorization Key. Able to get Result set for the Parameters and Autorization Key in PostMan. While the same setup in IICS, returns null values to API Response .


      Input Param Values are passed to Webservices (Request) and the Response from the WebService is Null


      1:Swagger with 2 Parameters:


              "parameters" : [ {

                "name" : "p-inputDate",

                "in" : "query",

                "description" : null,

                "required" : false,

                "type" : "string"

              }, {

                "name" : "format",

                "in" : "query",

                "description" : null,

                "required" : false,

                "type" : "string"

              } ,









      Response : Was Null



      Read an arcticle to merger multiple parameters to single and pass to webservices. Even then i'm getting same null values to the Response.





      I modified the Swagger with single input parameter and with input param  value



      Response : Was Null


      Also,Executed the job in DEBUG mode and found that Repose status is ok with Values .But the output is null



      TRANSF_1_1_1> CCI_10009 [2020-07-27 17:33:25.882] [INFO] Response Status: 200

      TRANSF_1_1_1> CCI_10009 [2020-07-27 17:33:25.882] [DEBUG] Response: {"D Number":"TM1234","VIN":"24A6332185","CB Date":"2020-01-02","Wholesale Payoff Amount":19358.82,"Aa Account Number":"1000000001"}

      TRANSF_1_1_1> DBG_21216 [2020-07-27 17:33:25.887] Finished transformations for Source Qualifier [src_TokenConnection]. Total errors [0]

      WRITER_1_*_1> WRT_8167 [2020-07-27 17:33:25.887] Start loading table [aa_wms_report_json] at: Mon Jul 27 17:33:25 2020

      WRITER_1_*_1> WRT_8168 [2020-07-27 17:33:25.904] End loading table [aa_wms_report_json] at: Mon Jul 27 17:33:25 2020

      WRITER_1_*_1> WRT_8035 [2020-07-27 17:33:25.904] Load complete time: Mon Jul 27 17:33:25 2020