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    How to Filter data using reference tables

    Priyanka Kokate New Member

      Hello Team,


      I am new to the informatica and i need to solve one use case

      Below are the details :


      Input Data :



      Account ID - 18 DigitBilling CountryGlobal Customer NameOP_Column
      001f200001eQHSjAAOAUFujitsu LtdFujitsu Ltd
      0013000000CVFqnAAHAUAPNIC Pty LimitedAPNIC Pty Ltd
      0013000000BkbT2AAJINS4 Consulting LimitedS4 Consulting Ltd.
      0016000000y6pyOAAQINGWR GROUP LtdGWR GROUP Ltd.

      Whenever there is a LTD or Limited i need to change this to Ltd. for all countries except australia for now i have used reference table to change the Limited and Ltd to Ltd. but i m not sure how to do this for Australia country with reference table.


      Appreciate your quick help


      Thanks & Regards,