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    Error Assigning Task to a Queue

    Diane Royer Guru

      We recently set up a Salesforce Queue and assigned three users to the queue.  I set up a Mapping that I want to assign a task to the new queue when a Salesforce event is confirmed.  Unfortunately, when I map the Salesforce ID for the queue to the OwnerID field of a task, I get an error message that says:

      WRT_8164 Error loading into target [Task] : Error received from salesforce.com. Fields [OwnerId]. Status code [INVALID_ACCESS_LEVEL]. Message [Assigned To ID: id value of incorrect type: 00G11000003sCbBEAU].


      Is there something else that I need to do in order to get this task to assign to the queue?  If I assign the task to a single user in the mapping, it works fine.  After the task is created, I am able to go into the task and change the owner ID to the ID of the queue with out a problem.  Why can't I assign it in my mapping?