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    EDC Resource Naming Convention

    John Quillinan Seasoned Veteran

      I am looking for guidance on EDC Resource Name.


      I found the following Velocity best practice:  https://velocity.informatica.com/index.php/best-practices-all/153-metadata-object-management/802-naming-conventions-mm


      KB article 572681  refers to "only those conventions are taken into consideration which MRS follows like - No Space in Name"?


      • Where can these MRS conventions be found?
      • What is the maximum length that Resource name can be?
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          Utkarsh Pandey Active Member

          Hi John ,



          We do not have any such limitation while providing the resource name , a user can give any name .


          The maximum length of a resource name should be 4000  char .


          Apart from above we would not recommend  to  give the resource name same as a database name for a relational resources ,As we have seen some limitation in previous version of EDC such as CR EIC-39441 .


          Which is fixed starting from 10.4.0 .





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            Richard Jorgensen Seasoned Veteran

            Even though the name can be large, we try to limit the Resource name to around 15 characters and if it can't stay in that range at least the first 15 characters are descriptive as the Resource name is in many EDC displays only show 15-20 characters and the Resource name is used for naming Referenced Resources.  We then qualify the name in the business title in business terms for searchablitiy.