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    New fields under Product2GMediaAssetLang

    charan vasuki New Member



      We need to have New fields under Product2GMediaAssetLang. As we do not have any reserve key under ArticleMediaAssetLangType we have created a sub entity like Product2GMediaAssetLang1 and Product2GMediaAssetLang2 which can accommodate 2 new fields in each sub entity.


      Then we have assigned types as ArticleMediaAssetLangType.Description and ArticleMediaAssetLangType.AlternateText for the additional 4 fields


      Same way we did under MediaAssetLang but chosen a reserved key like MediaAssetLangType.Res_Text100_1 and 100_2, 100_3, 100_4.


      We can see the new fields created in PIM under Media Attachment.


      1)Manual Entry to the field will accept the data but When we import from CSV and map the fields to the repository fields, then the data will not sit in the right field. All the new fields will be empty and the description and Alternate text field will be having a wrong data.


      What would be the solution?


      Highly appreciate the quick answer to fix this issue.