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    Move items across Supplier Catalogs while maintaining link to items in Master?

    Daniel Molinski Guru

      A customer has decided to reduce the number of supplier catalogs in their Product 360 environment by combining similar catalogs into one (e.g.: Items from Acme USA, Acme China, Acme Europe will all be moved to a single, new, Acme catalog).


      So far the only approach we can think of is:

      1. Export the items from each of the current supplier catalogs, including all fields, attributes, media, etc.
      2. Import all the items into the new supplier catalog
      3. Manually re-establish the link to the corresponding items in the Master catalog by dragging and dropping each item, one at a time.


      I'm sure you would agree this isn't very efficient... but we can't think of any other way to do this.


      Is there a simpler way to move items from one supplier catalog to another?  Possibly while maintaining the link to the Master items?  Is there an easier way to re-link items between supplier catalogs and the Master?