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    Export of items (13167) with features (88) export result = mostly empty

    Margot Emmers Seasoned Veteran

      Good afternoon,


      Exporting items (13167) with feature information (attached to FGL that contains 88 features)

      The export result is usually containing only the header and not GRID information?

      • First export sometimes end up in the correct export result. Header + Grid's + feature information
      • Next exports end up with an export file that only contains the headers

      No error message is showing in log of export template.

      Files are copied in the correct directory but only with the headers.


      Same export template tested

      • other structure groups containg lesser items ( + features)  = export result = OK
      • without export of features (just items) = export result = OK (all GRID's are contained)


      In first module (Item list > Features): I use the ValueSet functionality to get information from data source 'Items list'

      In second moduled ('All groups in structure system (with item filter)')  : the ValueGet function is getting the information set in the first Module


      It seems to me that the system runs out of memory by ValueGet function?

      We adjusted the plugin customization parameter below  on recommandation of R&D but no change of behavior : - com.heiler.ppm.texttemplate.core/export_structureMaxDataPackageSize = 1000 (ipv 10000 -> default)

      According R&D : you should lower the package size for structure groups to lower the count of items for each package (com.heiler.ppm.texttemplate.core/export_structureMaxDataPackageSize).


      Did somebody experience the same behavior?

      Did you find a solution for this?

      Any recommandations?


      Kind regards,

      Margot Emmers