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    Extend ArticleLogisticsExtension?

    Magnus Eklund New Member



      I have a case where I have used all types for ArticleLogisticsExtension.

      Is it possible to extend number of possible fields (in my case boolean and string)

      I have tried to make a new sub-entity called ArticleLogisticsExtension2 with the same key columns but can't mak it to work.


      Any assistance is highly appreciated.




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          Lokesh Kumar Guru

          Hi Magnus,


          You can extend the Type section and create multiple Entities but make sure there should be a difference between those entities with respect to number of type or values of Logical keys. In case you create two sub-entities extending same type (say here ArticleLogisticExtenstionType) and you don't change anything at Logical keys then it might not work. Because it doesn't make sense creating two entities with same qualifications.


          - Lokesh Kumar

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            Daniel Forsén New Member

            There are heaps of reserved fields not used in current version, it has been through the years a bit fuzzy if you can activate these and use them (I know many do). So I think there are 4 booleans (bit) and 14 string fields.


            Risk is ofc using these, that your datamodel will fail in the future if these actually have been reserved for this. With need to re-design and migrate data as a conseq. in a future version upgrade.


            You find all these in the types-area.



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              Magnus Eklund New Member

              Yes, I know there is a lot of fields that are not used that I can activate.

              But my problem is that I need  6 booleans for the ArticleLogisticExtension.



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                Dave Nacy Guru

                I almost always use ArticleDomainType. It has a ton of fields and qualifiers. It's mostly used for the GDSN Food & Beverage sub-entities but works great if you have a lot of similarly qualified fields to deal with.