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    HOW TO: Show all 'n' levels of hierarchy of Structure Groups in PIM 8.1.1 Export?

    Anurag Chourasia Guru

      Hi All,


      We have a requirement where we need to publish Product data to downstream system in JSON format. In JSON, along with Products general details, we also need to publish all 'n' levels of hierarchy.

      For example:


      Consider a scenario where we have defined a Structure System called "Products".


      In the Structure System we have 5 levels of Structure Group as shown below:



           Structure Group Level 1

                Structure Group Level 2

                     Structure Group Level 3

                          Structure Group Level 4

                               Structure Group Level 5 (Leaf Node)

                                         Product Number "12376982"

           Structure Group Level 1



           Structure Group Level 5


      In above example we have a product "12376982" at level 5 which is leaf node. in JSON export we want to send complete hierarchy of the product.


      In OOTB PIM export I can see we have a data field which provides information about immediate parent but not complete hierarchy.


      Is there any way to show complete hierarchy to achieve this ?



      Anurag Chourasia