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    Disk space in linux server -100%

    lavina.agarwal@tcs.com New Member

      Hello the disk space on our linux server was 66% on tuesday. On wednesday it shooted up to 100% . The integration services stopped and nothing was working. Anyone has any idea what might have caused this issue.

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          Segolene Delaby Active Member



          Please look for any core files generated under $INFA_HOME/server/bin which may have build up and use disk space.

          Review as well any sessions which may have failed at the same time: maybe temporary file for the run are not deleted: check session logs for full path.


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            Nico Heinze Guru

            This is a question to discuss with your network administrator / Linux administrator. The only exception is what Segolene has pointed out: temporary files ($PMTempDir\, $PMCacheDir}) may fill up the file system to naught, and core dumps in .../server/bin may block much disk space as well.

            Other than that that's one typical task of system monitoring, not of Informatica software. The Informatica platform is (in terms of disk space usage) nothing but an application, so thorough and constant system monitoring is in order here.