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    nEED TO EXECUTE REGULAR EXPRESSSION based on the country code

    niti rawat Seasoned Veteran




      I have a scenario wherein regular expression is to be applied on a few source columns based on the country.

      I created a managed reference table in Informatica Developer with two columns Country code and regular expression applicable against that country.


      Now i am using this reference table as a lookup in my mapplet/mapping and country code is the lookup column. When i execute the mapping the output is coming out as the regular expression and not the result of regular expression.


      For e.g.: for Country IND regex is to trim INDIA word from the end of the string, so INPUT value : NEW  Delhi INDIA should give output as NEW Delhi, instead it is giving the regex itself as the output.


      I tested the reg expressions individually and they worked fine but wen using them in ref table it is not working.