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    connected lookup transformation help

    Pavan Narayanan New Member



      New to Informatica here....


      I am looking to populate a date dimension table with fields from an existing oracle table and csv file.


      The oracle table has term description, starting date and ending date fields. The csv has date, day, etc.. (date dimension).


      I want to look up starting date and ending date from oracle table such that from a given starting date to given ending date, I'd like to populate term description along with date, day, etc... from csv file; so my output looks like:


      pk, date, day, month, year, term description










      for example, if from Jan 1st to Jan 31st is TermABCD then for every for all those 31 days I want to populate TermABCD.


      I have been trying my best with lookup transformation and joiner transformation but I am unable to get this work.


      Please can I get some help, much appreciated!