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    How to use a timer task with an Event wait task?

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      I have a requirement where I have to check for a Control file when the workflow is executed. If the control file is present then run the session. If not wait for 30 minutes. Check again after 30 mins. If still the control file is missing then abort the workflow. This is the order of task I have but it is not working:

      Start - Event wait(Pre defined with the path and file name) - Decision task($Decision_ControlFile.Condition = FALSE) - session
      (Parallel flow) -Start - Timer(30 mins) - Decision task($Decision_ControlFile.Condition = TRUE) - Abort

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          In parallel to your event task create a timer task as well, set the timer to 30 min. Connect the timer and event task to a decision task. Open decision task and chose Treat the input links as: 'OR'. And set the condition in decision task as Event.wait.Status=Succeeded.


          After 30 min the timer will succeed and it will go through the decision task and then you can decide how the flow goes from there.


          P.S: I know this is an old question, but someone else might benefit from it.