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    Enabling Notification and not approval steps in ActiveVos Workflow

    Vaishali Ahlawat Guru


      Hi Team,


      I am new to ActiveVos and we would be starting a new project for which we have a requirement in which one record would be created by the contribution of some 8-9 different teams like first initiator would initiate a request with basic details followed by another team who will add plant details to it then followed by other team which will add packaging details to it and so on.


      Now this we need to implement using MDM and Avos Integration .


      And my question is if we create an Avos Workflow for it and add a Human task for every step and get it approved at every step to move it to next step it will become a very cumbersome process .


      Hence, I want to know can we create a workflow in which every step is just a notification task so that respective team knows that a request has been initiated and they have to take it further and then just one step approval at the end ?


      Could someone please suggest the feasibility for the above scenario ?