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    Duplicate Attributes in Axon

    Ramadevi Bapatla Active Member

      I have a situation where there are multiple attributes with same name ,same  System , same dataset (resource in EDC but from different views within that resource).

      Axon is rejecting those multiple fields that they are duplicates. If I want to follow lineage in EDC, since the attributes have different lineage (since different views within the resource), how should I handle it? I can now only load one  of those.

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          Srinivas Pai Guru

          Hi Ramadevi


          Could you please elaborate more on the use-case here.

          I am not sure how did you create multiple attributes (read asset name or object name) within a resource in EDC.

          As any datasource would not let you create multiple objects with the same name.


          Would be helpful if you can explain the issue with some screenshots.





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            Ramadevi Bapatla Active Member

            Hi Srinivas,

            I have a Resource 'Redshift'  in EDC which I translated to Dataset in Axon. That resource has multiple views and attributes with same name spanned across those views. I can only pick only one attribute from one view from that Dataset because Axon takes only one record of Attribute name+Dataset+System . If I have to see lineage of other attributes too, for some reason (like DQ issue for a report having them etc), how do we do that?