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    FATAL ERROR : An unexpected condition occurred in file [/export/home/builds/pc9x_root/1020/build/powrmart/server/dmapper/trans/srcpipe.cpp] line [1383].  Aborting the DTM process.  Contact Informatica Global Customer Support

    Shivani Jaiswal Active Member



      I have created a mapping to update some columns in the target target Table and the connection type that is used is TPT Connections. My source and target is table (Teradata). And the job is successfull and the data populated is also as expected.


      When i am trying to use an simple update query in the Post SQL of Target table and i get the above Fatal Error.


      I know this update query execution can be done by creation of a new mapping/using command task/using a bteq script. But as per the design i cannot include any of these and only Post SQL.


      Is it not possible to use the Post SQL when the connection type for target is TPT connection?


      Please let me know why this Fatal Error occurs when i add a update query in POST SQL of Target. and how can it be implemented?


      Thanks in advance