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    Cloud data integration using IDQ rules?

    venkata krishna New Member

      Hi Team,


      Can some help me out regarding IICS data integration development part.


      1) Can we use Informatica  IDQ rules in Inforatica cloud data integration (How to integrate IICS to IDQ)? if yes please share some docs/ articals to  proceed.





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          Nithy S Guru

          Hi Venkata,


          You may not be able to incorporate entire IDQ rules into IICS-CDI (Cloud Data Integration). You may try IICS - CDQ (Cloud Data Quality) and recently two DQ transformations are added into CDI as well (Cleanse and Verifier). So if your requirement needs just these transformations, it may be possible or else you need to check IICS - CDQ.


          Note: I don't have hands-on experience on IDQ. The above information is based on documentation. So please verify!