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    Data Driven Operation in Target

    Jonathan Kim Guru

      I see "Data Driven" Operation option in Target object of a Mapping in IICS.  What would be good examples for using this operation?  I can see the expressions for this type of operation can be:






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          Srini Veeravalli Guru

          For instance you want to see a perticular row/id is existing in target object, and if it does then udate else insert based on lookup on target.

          in this case you going to validate the lookup return value to set the Data Driven operation using 'Data Driven Condition'.


          Other property Operation is where you know the data and you set the operation(Insert, Upate,upsert,  delete ; This might need PrimaryKey/ID) something like developer driven

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            Nitin KN Support Moderators

            When you select UPSERT as on operation, task will first try as UPDATE and if it did not find the match, then it sends the same record as INSERT.

            So in this case same record is sent twice to the target, first upd n then ins. And you cant do the DELTE operation with single instance of target

            Based on some logic if could derive a flag for each n every reocrd and assume 1 is insert, 2 is update n 3 is delete, the expression could be


            with single instance of target we can do 3 operations.