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    Help Writing API for Deletes

    Joe Griffith Active Member



      We are trying to delete a large number of preset value assignments from the structure group feature level in Product 360 In the past we have utilized the API delete functionality however I am having trouble writing a URL that gets at one preset value assignment for a structure group's feature. For example I have a structure with internal id 10200 that contains a structure group with identifier 18260932. I want to delete the preset value assignment "Propane - 18260932306" (structurevalueproxy id is 221350) from feature "Fuel Type", which is assigned to the group. Below is the url I have generated so far, this returns one object (see screenshot) but when I try adding a filter for the value nothing changes. I can add other feature names to the name field and see other objects get returned. Ideally I would like the API call to get all values for a feature at once but one at a time would be OK too. I just don't understand how to get the further down the tree beyond the whole feature to select just the preset value assignment.