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    Association api not giving data for more than two association at once

    Bhupendra Baraiya Seasoned Veteran

      https://host:port/access/2/catalog/data/relationships?depth=1&direction=BOTH&includeAttribute=core.name&seed=seed value&association=Association_1,Association_2,Association_3


      We have a requirement to get data for 3 association of the seed value passed at once

      Till now I was passing up to two association and I was getting value for the includeAttribute as I added 3  Association, api stopped giving data for one of the association include attribute

      I can see all association value in the response but did not get includeAttribute  for one of them.

      If I run again for the one I am not getting value it gives correct result


      Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to get data for multiple association's in single api call