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    Policy Integration from Axon to EDC

    Michael Bernier Active Member

      We are new users to Informatica, and are running EDC 10.2.2 Hotfix 1 and Axon 6.0. I created a Policy object in Axon and associated it with a specific Glossary and System. I have confirmed the policy is being applied across the appropriate Attributes in Axon linked to the Glossary (through the Impact tab). I was expecting the Policy to carry over to EDC and appear as a Related Glossary Asset, similar to what I understand the Analyst Tool is capable of doing (we have not enabled the tool in favor of using Axon). But, I do not see the Policy showing up in EDC. Is this a limitation in the integration between Axon and EDC, or is there some configuration setting I'm missing to enable this to work?