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    How to achieve SSO and LDAP authentication sequentially in MDM?

    Gaurav Misra Active Member

      Dear Team,


      In our project we have a security requirement to have two fold authentication.  First, SSO authentication using siteminder and then is external authorisation through another LDAP server. SSO authentication can be achieved through the custome login module in MDM. I have gone through the different KB articles and videos of how to achieve it. Now, there is another requirement to get the external autourisation against a different LDAP server. If anyone has any solution or prior experience to such requirement please share.


      As per our solution we have two approaches in our mind but whether either of them will be successful is not known so I would request you to let me know if in your opinion either of them would work.

      1) Call the LDAP server from the custome login module and get the user authorised.

      2) Implement the LDAP/AD configuration as we do for external authenticaiton and expect it to act in sequence after the user is autheticated via SSO.


      Would either of it work?

      If yes, please let me know how?

      If it does not do we have any alternate solution?


      Thanks in advance.