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    Difference between Hotfix & EBF

    Kittu Babu Guru

      Could you please know the difference between Hotfix & an EBF ?

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          Gokul Srinivauslu B New Member

          Babu, In general Informatica Hotfix is like enhanced sub version of Informatica software and where as EBF (Emergency Bug Fix) is a packaged software to resolve server/ client-side components.

          Refer the hotfix release notes and EBF package notes for details

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            Sven Benzing Guru

            Hi Kittu,


            in simple words:


            An EBF (Emergency Bug Fix) is developed for resolving a  customer(s) specfic issue and should only be applied after it was suggested by Informatica GCS only  as an EBF can have conflicts with already applied EBFs.


            A Hotfix is an collection of several EBFs and Bugfixes. If you apply an Hotfix it will resolve many issues with a single installation. An Hotfix is going through Q&A certification and Informatica recommends to apply Hotfixes.


            You can find more information about EBFs and Hotfixes in below mentioned guide:


            Informatica Global Customer Support Guide


            Hope that helps


            Kind regards,