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    Match and Merge to XREF Records

    Ervin Chang Active Member

      Hi everyone,


      The case that we are facing right now is this:

      Let's say there are three records from three different source systems and they are going to be processed into MDM.



      SOURCE1000123456789Jane Doe1991-01-01F
      2SOURCE2000123456789J. Doe1991-01-01F
      3SOURCE3A123456Jane Doe1991-01-01F


      The match rules are as following:

      1. The first one is exact match of GOV_ID

      2. The second one is exact match of FULL_NM, BIRTH_DT, and GNDR_CD


      The trust scoring (for GOV_ID, FULL_NM, BIRTH_DT, and GNDR_CD) will favor SOURCE2 as it is the most trusted source system.


      The first two records are going to be processed first, resulting in the second record will "win" the survivorship and be shown as the golden record and the first record put under the second record as the XREF record after the Auto Match and Merge process. The third record will be processed later and the result is an insertion of a new master data of the third record.


      1SOURCE2000123456789J. Doe1991-01-01F
      2SOURCE3A123456Jane Doe1991-01-01F


      We thought that the match and merge process will include the data from XREF, yet the result showed differently. Can anyone explain this?


      The version of the MDM installed is 10.1 HF3.


      Thanks and regards,