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    EDC Replace Data Owner/Steward Assignment in Bulk 10.2.2 and greater

    Richard Jorgensen Guru

      Is there a way to bulk update the replacement of one Data Owner/Steward assignment to another person?

      Example:  Person A is a Data Owner/Steward for many assets across multiple EDC resources and takes on a new role in the organization.


      Scenario 1 Person B replaces Person A's current position.  Ability to replace Person A's Data Owner/Steward with Person B.

      Scenario 2 Person B and C split Person A's responsibility.  Ability split up the replacement of Person A's Data Owner/Steward between Person B and C.


      I could perform the export/import process, but I would need to export/import by resource and manually update the spreadsheet.


      I am looking for a more automated approach across multiple resources to make this type of change.  Is there an utility or API available to perform the updates in an automated fashion?