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    Connecting to SAP Hana from BDM

    Premkumar S Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Gurus, I'm doing an POC.


      POC: Connect to SAP Hana calculated view from BDM and load to Hive S3 table with MapR cluster:


      1, Created ODBC connection: Though I was able to import the view, I passed custom query as i faced memory issue when i hit all the columns.

           1. Tried in Native mode: Mapping succeeded but target had no data.

           2. Tried in Spark mode: Validation error: Spark mode does not support Relational sources.


      2. Created JDBC connection: With sqoop connector (no sqoop arguments):

      Completed successfully in Spark mode. But since I'm passing Custom SQL, mapping is not working in dynamic environment.


      Anyone achieved the Dynamic mapping with SAP Hana.


      Any inputs, pointers is much appreciated