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    Getting started with Atlassian Jira Service Connector

    Aaron Mattern New Member

      Hi, i'm just getting started with some App Integration training.  I've imported the Atlassian Jira Service Connector, but I can't figure out how to get started with it.  Where do I configure the authentication details?  Creating a connection doesn't ask for it, and it doesn't show up in the service connector itself.  Do I need to build that into the actual service calls?

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          Sorabh Agarwal Support Moderators

          Hi Aaron,

          We are glad that you reached out to us.


          I presume you would have imported the Atlassian JIRA Service Connector referred in this Blog.

          These Service Connectors are templates on how easy it is to connect to third party systems using the Web Services interface. While they are exhaustive reg. the actions/operations, they do not come with pre-packaged sandbox credentials (as that would be a breach of privacy). We also expect the users of these service connectors to go through the documentation (also included as a link in the Blog) to understand more on how this third-party system work.


          Reg. this specific connector, it has been exposed the way the server chooses to. Documentation for this service is available at Security for Connect apps . It suggests that you need to pass an Authorization header using a JWT Bearer Token. This means you simply need to add an Authorization header to Service Connector actions.


          You can also refer to https://network.informatica.com/community/informatica-network/products/cloud-integration/cloud-application-integration/b…  to get more insights on how to create/update service connectors


          Please feel free to reach out in case of any queries



          Sorabh Agarwal

          Informatica Cloud Product Management