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    JBAS014143 Error in JBOSS

    Jeremy Jensen Guru

      I've got an unusual situation where I believe there is a process held over after a JBOSS restart.  I'm running MDM 10.1 HF 2 on SQL Server 2012; JBOSS 6.4 and Java 1.7 on Windows 2012.  The hub, process server, and activeVOS are all running on the same machine.


      Situation Set Up:


      I ran a match job that appeared to hang up and I attempted to shutdown that job.  Ultimately, I stopped the application server, cleaned out the tmp, data, and log directories for JBOSS and restarted. 




      I'm now encountering a situation where approximately 10 minutes after I restart the application server, I start getting 2 of the following warning about every 1 minute:


      WARN  [org.jboss.as.ejb3] (EJB default - 4) JBAS014143: A previous execution of timer [siperian-mrm.zds-gui.SimpleSchedulerBean 3e63d659-06f4-4a0f-886b-16115c4935d4] is still in progress, skipping this overlapping scheduled execution at: Thu Jul 13 10:00:53 PDT 2017 as timer state is IN_TIMEOUT


      Additionally, the CPU usage goes from approx 0% to approx 70% and stays at that level.


      Work so far:


      Following the suggestions on the KB forum, I've upped the following parameters from their default values:







      This doesn't seem to be making a difference.


      I'm now speculating that my abandoned match process is still lingering in the back ground and reinitializes even after an application server restart. 


      Can you provide any feedback on what might be happening?


      Thanks!  Jeremy