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    CLOB/BLOB in a table

    Shiney Abraham Active Member


      I have a table that has both clob & blob datatype. I'm trying to read this column but I'm receiving below error.

      PWX-32050 Writing LOB columns is not supported. Mode 5. Column "__PARAM0008".


      Please let me know how to handle CLOB & BLOB columns in power center.

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          dan.smith@informatica.com Guru

          PowerExchange for DB2 z/OS supports LOB type columns only as Source/Read.

          PWX for DB2 z/OS cannot write to BLOB/CLOB/DBCLOB datatypes.

          This is doc'd in the topic "Datatypes Supported for DB2 for z/OS Bulk Data Movement" in the DB2 z/OS chapter of the PWX Bulk Data Movement Guide.


          You would need to find some other solution than PWX for DB2 z/OS.