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    Hotfix Installation Question

    Ryan Jenson Seasoned Veteran

      Hello everyone,


      I am attempting a hotfix from to as there are separate complications with Hotfix 8 in our environment to be addressed at a later time. After visiting the provided link on the Product 360 Hotfix 7 blog post and downloading all "" installations from the Informatica downloads section, I'm a little bit confused.


      The download links here appear to be full distributions and are not specifically hotfixes/just the files which have been changed. Are these the proper files to download for a basic hotfix?


      Using the full installation files I had migrated them into the /Informatica/PIM/ directory and merged/replaced/re-customized where necessary. The "Informatica MDM - Product 360 v8.0" service will not start (all other INFA services resume correctly). Checking the error logs, it appears that there should be some changes made to the PIM_MAIN database but none of the .zip files included a SQL update script. Full .error.log attached. Is there somewhere to look for such a script?


      Does anyone have some insight that I am missing? Anything would help!


      Environment (dev):

      Windows Server 2012 R2 (64 bit)

      PIM (32 bit) -

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          Stefan Reinhardt Guru

          Hi Ryan,


          this is how the package of internally looks for me:

          Core package includes the DB client setup archive. Does that reflect what you are seeing as well?




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            Ryan Jenson Seasoned Veteran

            Hi Stefan,


            Yes, the downloads look just like that. To install

            • I uploaded PIM_8.0.03.07_Core.zip (and installed) to Clusterix,
            • Disabled all INFA services.
            • Copied the contents of PIM_8.0.03.07_Core.zip and similarly .zips into the main /PIM/ directory
              • These subdirectories are the specific ones copied in:
            • Adjusted the new files to reflect prior customization if needed


            All services aside from Product 360 itself seem to be functioning as normal. Rolling the /Informatica/PIM/ root folder back to its pre-installation contents successfully allows PIM to open again.

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              Stefan Reinhardt Guru

              Then I guess a support case with GCS may be the best option to do go forward here (despite upgrading to 8.1.1 ).


              But please share back what you learned with us here after if possible.




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                Ryan Jenson Seasoned Veteran

                Ok Stefan, thanks for the help!


                We will be upgrading to 8.2 shortly after release. This hotfix is more of a test/learning experience to prep for future HFs as the environment is expecting a large scale overhaul anyway ("why not give it a shot" kind of a deal).

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                  Stefan Reinhardt Guru

                  Sounds good. However 8.0.03 is really an old release. A learning experience going a bit higher like 8.0.6 would potentially also be an option in case you'd feel stuck here in the end.

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                    Ryan Jenson Seasoned Veteran

                    Been up and stable for long enough to submit a reply:


                    The /dbclient/Database.exe needed to be run. I intentionally did not run it (until instructed by GCS) for fear it would wipe the databse and create a new one. After successfully running the .exe and making a few adjustments to the repo.repo files PIM is now hotfixed on both environments.



                    I think going forward it would be smart to contact GCS for confirmation that Database.exe won't drop the whole database...if for nothing but a second opinion.

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                      Ralph81 Guru

                      Hi Ryan,


                      when ever there is a DB installer in the Hotfix/EBF that one must be executed and there will no new DB created as long as you are using the same server.properties with your existing one.

                      He will only check and run the needed Updates and recreated SPs and so on. There is no drop DB in it so no danger.


                      As always you should take a Update but that should be a normal step


                      Best Regards



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