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    Loading records into Cassandra Target using Informatica ETL

    Jagadish Mohan Gaglani Seasoned Veteran



      I have a requirement in which I have read the Source Data in MS SQL and load the data into Cassandra . The Source table has a set of Composite Keys , in that combination of Keys some of the columns are having duplicate and one of Columns is having unique value.


      Now this Source data having x records with Duplicates has to be loaded into Target. But the catch is the Target data model is having a Partition Key of Unique Column , in source that Column value is having Duplicates.  where as Target it is PK(Primary Key). So less number of records are loading into Target. So my question in Informatica PowerCenter , the number of records shown are x and in Target it is shown as x. So counts are matched.


      However when we connect to Cassandra DB ,only unique set of records are loaded into the Target. Why does the Information in Informatica Power Center Workflow Monitor show misleading information. What needs to be done so that it matches with actual records loaded into Target



      Jagadish Gaglani