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    Response issues with rest web service consumer transformation in Informatica Developer

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      I am unable to receive a rest web service response at the output port, of a rest web consumer transformation, when I run the data viewer on the transformation.


      The mapping contains a relational source with Client code, start and end dates. The client code is passed as url port, to create the end point for the base url. The dates are passed as argument ports to the rest consumer transformation. The response message from the web service is mapped as 'Map as XML' in the root group of 'method output' This output port is then linked to a single port on a flat file target.


      On running this mapping The target file does not contain the xml response from the web service. However, the whole xml message response does end up in the log file.

      Am I doing something wrong? Do I need additional settings on the rest web consumer transformation?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.