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    City Name Abbreviation Standardization

    Vincent McKinney Active Member

      We are looking for a way to standardize city names to always use the non-abbreviated form of words like "Saint" (instead of "St."), "Mount" (instead of "Mt."), etc. Is there a way to do this through AddressValidator or any built-in Reference Data that would allow us to translate these values? For example - an input of "Stansbury Park" is verified as correct as is "Stansbury Pk" and both are passed through with no changes to the City name. We'd like to make it so "Pk" is translated to "Park." Our goal is to remove duplicate cities from our data.


      I think the "Element Abbreviation" option is close, but actually abbreviates the data when we want to ensure the longer form of the name is used. And I think the "Global Preferred Descriptor" setting covers street- and building- level fields only. We've also tried using Match and Consolidate to match the cities and always return the longer version of the name, but that is giving us too many false positive matches at this point.


      Our planned approach for now is to just create our own reference data with as many of these translations as we can think of, but I am wondering if anyone has tried this before or has any better ideas. Thanks!