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    Lock field for editing dynamically

    Shiva Bharamareddi New Member

      Hello all,


      I was wondering if we can lock a field for editing in PIM dynamically. The use case is something like this. Say a field called Long Description has been determined as having the correct value, there will be another boolean field called Long Description Locked, which can be used to indicate that the Long Description field is good and it should not be open for editing. So if this field is checked, the system should prevent Long Description from being edited either through an import or through the client. Has anyone implemented something similar?


      Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on this.

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          Ryan Jenson Seasoned Veteran

          Hello Shiva,


          I do not believe there is such a thing on a per-field, per-item level. PIM's ACLs just are't that granular (aside from custom scripting in the SDK).


          What you may be interested in is usage of the Catalog system. The top-level view of this is that you create catalogs separate from the Master and direct your imports/enrichment into these "Staging" or "Supplier" or etc. catalogs. When the data has been approved you merge them into Master, not unlike committing to the master branch of a Git repository.


          Theoretically; the partitioning of unverified data allows for review of content changes and the ability to reject incorrect data (essentially bad commits). You also may be able to block certain fields.


          I am not too much more familiar with catalogs than this as the company I work for does not utilize them. -Just thought it'd help and might be worth looking into.

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            inuser461862 Guru

            Hi Shiva,


            If you are okie with SDK customization, you can look into "PropertyPreSetter", where you can write your custom logic and reject the change. You can refer "PIM_8.<latest version>_Software_Development_Kit" for more detail on this.

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              Shiva Bharamareddi New Member

              Hi Ryan,


              Thanks for your response. Yes, that would be the ideal way to do it, but unfortunately, the way we are set up, having staging catalogs is not an option.