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    Validation errors

    Srini Veeravalli Guru

      I'm trying to replicate someon'e developed Process. This is about getting a file from URL and loading into Salesforce ContentVersion object as attachment. The below field is mandatory I'm not sure what to select here if I select anything like existing value then I get error as

      {"error":{"code":500,"message":"unknown fault"}}

      If I didnt select any value it doesnt validate the Process to save.


      Where someone's developed process I see that this field is not selected but Process is Published and told that he could load attachments. I could see some validation errors during the Process object opening as below and doesnt show up when Process is opend.

      Image is not clear since recorded using mobile. The above field is related to below pointed areas.



      My question is: What made him to Publish the process eventhough ContentDocumentID is not selected in his case and how come these validations errors resolved implicitly.

      UmaA @Mohammad Khan