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    Repository inventory/stock for articles

    David Kumar Seasoned Veteran


      currently I’m looking forward to store stock information’s into PIM.


      I guess the article field Article.QuantityMin is the way to do that?



      As we are sharing our PIM across two companies, which are having the same articlenumbers but of course, different stock. I am looking for a way to store at least 2 different stocks (for each company one).


      What would the best way to do so?




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          Ryan Jenson Seasoned Veteran

          Hello David,


          The description for Article.QuantityMin is:

          Number specifying the intervals in which the item can be ordered.

          The numbering for the intervals always starts from the specified minimum order quantity.

          The unit for the quantity interval is the order unit.

          Example: 1 (i.e. 5, 6, 7, ... cases)

          Example: 2 (i.e. 5, 7, 9, ... cases)


          If you feel this is the right explanation of your field then you may use this repo location.


          As for having two stores:

          You can place the new field in a repository field which is enumerated by either the reserved/custom Logical-Key or, as pictured, by customer (from the Customers perspective).

          You may create a new enum to the tune of enum.InventoryPerLocation.entry.123ParkStreet or easily add a new Customer which will look like this:


          Both solutions will let you add/remove new stores with relative ease while only using a single repository field.


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            David Kumar Seasoned Veteran



            great idea.

            I used a reserved field in ArtileSales.