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    Fault message Data

    kiran kaur New Member

      <messageData xmlns:S="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"
      <part name="automatedStepFaultResponse">
      <aetgt:faultResponse xmlns:aetgt="http://schemas.active-endpoints.com/appmodules/screenflow/2010/10/avosScreenflow.xsd"


      as per https://kb.informatica.com/solution/23/pages/66/532767.aspx  , i did republish process and connections , but it didnt help

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          Mohammad Khan Active Member

          Hi Kiran,


          What type of connection you are using in the process ? Is it a JDBC connection ?


          I have seen this error in cases where a process tries to insert data to a DB table using a create step and field assignments in the create step contain incorrect data .


          If you are seeing this error in the same scenario , I suggest you double check that the data which is being inserted to the DB table is valid . For testing purposes , you can try manually running a SQL to insert the same data to the DB table and see if the data gets inserted .


          I also suggest you take a look at Catalina.log  \ Catalina.out and see if there are any more details on this error .




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            kiran kaur New Member

            Hi Mohammed,


            Yes i am using JDBC connector.

            Insert is working fine throu' ICS task. I tried to play with Process and got following error,


            <xsd1:code>CreateDataException</xsd1:code><xsd1:reason>Do not map any auto increment fields. The following fields have been mapped: [[SID]] </xsd1:reason></aetgt:faultResponse>

            SID is auto incremental , where as i cannot delete it from process as it is required field

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              Mohammad Khan Active Member

              Hi Kiran,


              I have seen cases where  mapping the auto increment field does not work and the process faults .


              In this case , If possible , I suggest you modify the  DB table to make the auto increment field as  not required ,  re-publish the JDBC connection , modify the process to exclude the auto increment field and then re-publish it and see if it works .