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    'Where Not Exists' Issue

    inuser502305 New Member

      I'm trying to only load rows from an Oracle DB source that don't already exist in the target using an SQL Override in the Source Qualifier.  When I run this query in Oracle SQL Developer I get data.  When I put it in Informatica, however, 0 rows get read from the source table. 


      XREF.U_ID AS U_ID,
      FROM xref
      SELECT * FROM mame
      mame.e_id = XREF.U_ID
      mame.ef_id = XREF.M_ID


      I've checked the Session Log and there are no errors and it's using the correct SQL statement; it's just getting 0 records.

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          EC140656 Seasoned Veteran


          I would suggest the following :

          1) Delete the source & add the source table again in the "Sources" in the Mapping Designer tool. This will refresh the association between the Oracle table & Informatica internally.

          2) Check if the source table you have referenced in Informatica indeed points to the right table in Oracle. Some minor discrepancies are possible while mapping the source table between Oracle & Informatica in the "Source Designer" if you are new to Informatica. It is human error.


          Hope it helps.




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            inuser502305 New Member

            I've tried this with no luck.  I've also found that when I remove the WHERE NOT EXISTS clause that data is loaded from the source.  So Informatica seems to know which table I'm referencing.  Both tables are in the same schema, and the exact same query works outside of Informatica. 

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              Nico Heinze Guru

              In addition please double-check whether the relationa connection you're using points to the correct DB, DB schema, and table name / alias. For example, in the Environment SQL field of the connection there might be something like 'SET SCHEMA DB2SD42G' which would make the connection point to a completely different DB schema.




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                Nico Heinze Guru

                Did you run this SQL query in the DB client (maybe SQL*PLUS or whatever) with the same DB user ID which is indicated in the PowerCenter connection?

                If not, then my guess is that the user ID named in the connection has some synonym definition of the name XREF resp. MAME which points to a different table / schema than the one which is addressed when you run this query "manually".


                At least that's my experience after >17 years with PowerCenter. PowerCenter never changes a SQL query on its own. Never. So the problem must be related to the connection resp. the DB user ID.




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                  inuser502305 New Member

                  Running as the same DB user in both Informatica and in Oracle SQL Developer, and both tables are in the user's own schema.  No synonyms are in use.  I've also tried prefixing the schema name to both tables with no luck.


                  I've resorted to taking out the WHERE NOT EXISTS clause and instead using Lookup and Filter transformations to remove rows that already exist.  I guess this way it's a little more obvious that rows are being filtered from the source anyways.

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                    Nico Heinze Guru

                    One last question: are we talking about PowerCenter or about the Informatica platform?
                    If it's PowerCenter, I strongly recommend you contact Informatica Global Customer Support, this is no normal behaviour for a relational Source Qualifier.

                    If it's the platform, could you please try running the mapping without any optimisation? It MAY be that the built-in optimiser is playing tricks to you,