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    Outbound message links

    Trevor Don New Member

      In reviewing the manual steps post migration, I see outbound message links will change and must be updated. In looking at the documentation, I updated the following endpoint URL from


      https://ps1w2a.rt.informaticacloud.com/active-bpel/services/REST/SalesforceNotificationRESTPort?processName=<process name>




      https://dm-us.informaticacloud.com/active-bpel/services/REST/SalesforceNotificationRESTPort?processName=<process name>


      however, I am not able to access (503 Service Unavailable - No server is available to handle this request).


      Is there a further change to the path that I would need to make?


      I am referencing Data Integration Questions Step # 3 in https://network.informatica.com/community/informatica-network/products/cloud-integration/cloud_data_integration/blog/201…


      Thanks, Trevor