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    String to Date Conversion Issue

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      I have the following scenario.


      Source: XML

      Field: EntryDate

      DataType: String 

      Format: 'MM/DD/YYYY'

      Example: 03/20/2014



      Field: EntryDate

      Datatype: Date


      In the mapping, I have used an expression T/f to convert the string to date by using an o/p port OUT_ENTRYDATE = TO_DATE(ENTRYDATE,'YYYY/MM/DD').


      But I see the EntryDate being populated with all the NULL's in the target table. When I checked the session log, the following error has been displayed.


      Transformation [EXP_SetAuditFields] had an error evaluating output column [out_entrydate]. Error message is [<<Expression Error>> [TO_DATE]: invalid string for converting to Date

      ... t:TO_DATE(u:'03/15/2014',u:'YYYY/MM/DD')].



      Any help is appreciated.