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    on-prem secure agent and Oracle Java vs OpenJDK Subscription Cost (January 2019)

    Mary Lulis Active Member

      I currently support the Informatica Data Integration that is installed in support of our TargetX application where the configuration includes an on-premise Informatica Secure Agent. I need to understand the cost, support, and operational ramifications of continuing to run the on-premise secure agent using the current Java bundled with Informatica as a result of the Oracle Java subscription service (January 2019).


      The Informatica Cloud Secure Agent currently ships with a version of Java released in February 2016. In January 2019 Oracle is going to start charging for Oracle Java (https://www.oracle.com/java/java-se-subscription.html). When Informatica updates the bundled version of java, is Informatica going to be paying for the Oracle Java? Or, Leaving it up to the customer to pay for the Oracle Java? Or, will Informatica be moving from Oracle’s JRE to OpenJDK’s JRE?


      I found an Informatica KB article on how to upgrade the version of java that is used on the on-premise secure agents ( https://kb.informatica.com/howto/6/Pages/20/524334.aspx ).  Does Informatica support running OpenJDK JRE 1.8.0 using this method?


      If we encounter a problem with the on-premise Informatica Secure Agent while running using a version of OpenJDK java, will Informatica Support work with us to support and resolve the issue?


      Please provide answers as soon as possible so  that we can plan appropriately.