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    Media Manager Issue

    Avani Trivedi Active Member



      I am trying to figure out how we can link Media assets to items/products in P360 desktop UI.

      Media Manager console (http://localhost:8080/opas/view_media_asset_management.jsf) is not listing any of the Master or supplier catalog.

      Is there any configuration miss or it is expected somewhere else ??



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          Ralph81 Guru

          Hi Avani,


          the Media Manager Structure is with own Categories and permissions. So the location it belongs to how the images are uploaded into Media Manager.


          The attachment it self works by Drag and Drop in the PIM Desktop Client if you open the Document view with Items or Products. There is no direct way in Media Manager to link the Assets to items or Products.


          Additional there are several ways to do a AutoAssignment or an Assignment by Referencewhich can be used.


          Best Regards



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            Avani Trivedi Active Member

            Thanks, Ralph. Document view helped.


            We were also able to upload and link images to the item via Web UI.