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    Media Manager low performance

    Mohamed Oubelkacem Active Member



      i have the same problem like the ticket


      Media Manager performance


      can you please help me to get the solution.


      i use now 4  station but i get just 500 Images Pro Day  x 7 derivatives generation of assets = 3500 Total




      Thank you in advence

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          Ralph81 Guru

          Dear Mohamed,


          I hope all that VS* Workflows are CALL Workflows and located on different stations in a order that make sense?


          Also if you do not use any Workflow on any Station, lock it because that can cause a Stuck!


          All MQ Workflows should not be located on a Workstation where NEW or MODIFY is not triggered!


          Do not use more than one NEW and one Modify Workflow and do not use the mixed mode!


          Also you should use more then one Pipeline for preview because if there is a mass upload that will be the bottle neck!


          Build the process like a tree where your NEW and Modify are the tree trunk and the Call workflows are your branch.


          Also it can make sense to create all derivatives in one big Call Workflow!


          Best Regards




          Hint: Keep always the funcd.log small there is no rotation so je need a windows cronjob

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            Mohamed Oubelkacem Active Member

            Hello Ralph

            Thank you for your support

            i have make some change on my Workflow.

            I need about 4 minutes to process a picture.

            Hier is the Log File

            can you see what is wrong hier ?

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              Ralph81 Guru

              Hi Mohamed,


              I do not know how complex your images are and how long such a conversion takes on the fileserver.

              But a conversion will take his time on the Fileserver and the only think which can be checked is the conversion it self and the size of the funcd.log.


              The background of my recommendations or better the parallel workflow is, that if there are 4-6 parallel call workflows on different stations you will get 4-6 images in the same time.





              In Product Information Management (PIM) Media Manager, use the following mathematical formula to determine the upload process:


              ((Number of Assets * Upload time in seconds) / Number of Pipelines) + ((Number of Assets * Number of Derivatives * Time each Derivative to generate in seconds)/Number of Workflows) = Total Time in Seconds

              Where variables are as follows:

              • Upload time: The Upload time derivative can be checked within the Funcd.log
              • Number of assets: Workstations which are configured in Automatic Mode
              General instructions:
              • The first station should only contain the NEW and MODIFY trigger and should not be part of the calculation
              • The MQ workflows should be installed on an additional workflow which should not be part of the calculation
              • All other stations should only be used with the CALLWORKFLOW!
              • Default Limitation is 20 Processes for each FUNCD ( which can be changed in Batch file -C )
              • Funcd.log should be monitored and stay under 100MB (KB 164228)





              Thats it in detail


              Best Regards



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