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    Minor Updates/Patch release notes and/or notifications for IICS???

    David Cribbs Guru

      OK, so there have been a few minor changes and updates the IICS.  Most of them have been pretty minor, but I am really having a hard time finding any sort of release notes and it seems like there is a disconnect on when these are happening and what is being changed.


      For example, I logged into iICS this morning and I noticed that when i clicked on monitor, i could not see any jobs that had run.  i started to freak out just a bit as we depend on our data and i need to know what ran and what did not.  I discovered that in the monitor section of IICS there are now 2 options.  One is to see what is running now and the the other shows what ran and also what is running (this is similar to what we had in ICS).  This is a nice change in that I now do not have to scroll and go to multiple pages to see what may be stuck running.  This is also nice in that I requested a feature like this and that means that Informatica is listening!  I also noticed on the down side that when you click on the sub tasks, you can no longer see the amount of time a sub task ran for.  I know you can see the start and end time and figure it out, but that will result in me rounding in my head rather than knowing that a job ran for 14:43.  Not a deal breaker, but a change for sure.


      I tried to back track and see where these changes were announced and when they would have been scheduled to be applied. The only thing I can find is that there was supposed to be an update over the weekend when i look at the calendar.  i also see on the calendar that this update is supposed to be postponed.  So, which is it?  Was the update postponed?  Was part of it applied?  What other changes have been released that I do not know about?


      Am I not subscribed to some email list?  Is there a place I am missing seeing updates and release information?  Is informatica just not sharing, documenting and notifying well right now?  Any help would be appreciated.