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    Strikeiron Throughput, Latency, and Rate Limits

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      A few questions about the Strikeiron service:


      1. Are there any rate limits on the Strikeiron service?
      2. What is the expected maximum throughput of requests we can send to Strikeiron, in number of requests per second or per minute?
      3. What is the expected response time of the Strikeiron service, in milliseconds?
      4. If we start to see degraded response time of Strikeiron due to sending a high rate of requests to Strikeiron, what levers can be pulled on your end to mitigate performance degradation or downtime?
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          Karthik Narayanan Seasoned Veteran

          Hi Marcus,

          Let me try and answer a few of them. But before that, can you let us know which service you are planning to use? The reason I ask this is there are some of the services which are very much real time (like Email verification). i.e. the requests are checked/verified against the actual email domains and not a cached lookup against an internal database. This would be the case with most of the services as they incur a real-time entity.


          Having said this, answers below.


          1 - There are no specific limits on the number of requests being sent to SI services, if that is what you are referring to.


          2 - We do not have a specific defined throughput number- the primary reason being the real time nature of the service calls.


          3 - generally within a second. but most of the times the responses are very quick in the matter few milliseconds. It would be like a click and a response 


          4 - Not sure about this question. Since there are multiple parties involved in the request-response sequence, the any of them could cause a performance issue. if it is something that SI as a product is doing, we would definitely be involved to take it further.


          Hope this helps.