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    Realtime Sync rom Salesforce to IICS Job




      I want the real time sync to run the job from salesforce to another database. Once i my record gets created or updated in salesforce i need to run the IICS job. I have bult the trigger on that object on which this needs to be done and called the future class method with parameter:


      private void afterInsertUpdateMethod() {


               MSILEmployeeUpdateIntegration.runJob('my username','pswrd','UpdateOracleTable','DSS');



      Now my concern is i need the end point URL that needs to be in the future class, earlier for IC we used 'https://app.informaticaondemand.com/saas/api/1/runjob


      But now i need same for IICS that i can set in setEndpoint, also share the remoste site URL that needs  be added in salesforce.