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    Extend merge/import

    Monica Olsson Active Member

      We want to make a customization that checks if an item identifier exists in the supplier catalog when we execute an import. This warning should be made before the merge to the master catalog. We don't want to merge the item into the master catalog but the import should continue to the next item. We have built a cache that contains all identifiers in the supplier catalog. We will compare the identifiers with this cache. What extension point should we use?


      Has anyone done something similar before. Do you think it's possible?

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          Daniel Walter Guru

          Hi Monica,


          I am not quite sure I understood your scenario.
          Do you want to import into the supplier catalog or master catalog? Do you want to compare it against identifiers of a different catalog, and if yes then why?


          Are you aware of the import setting "Import new objects only"?

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            Monica Olsson Active Member

            Hello Daniel,


            Thanks for your answer. Sorry I need to clarify the scenario. We have an supplier catalog (lets call it "Previously Existing Articles") which contains articles from an previous system. We do not want to merge/import new articles into the master catalog if they exist in Previously Existing Articles catalog. In order to compare if 2 articles are equal GTIN is used.


            So we want to be able to ignore the merge/import of an article if it is found in the Previously Existing Articles by a customization. Is this something you have any experience in doing?




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              Daniel Walter Guru

              Interesting scenario!

              It just came to my mind that we have an import function, which looks up an item by their GTIN. It is even possible to give it a specific catalog.

              Maybe you can use this function to skip the import if the GTIN is found in your "previous items" catalog.


              However, since this is not really how this function was intended to work you should do some performance tests, because this seems like an expensive operation.