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    PWX CDC For Oracle: Logger is moving to Another Server but Source DB is in same Server

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      Hi Team,



      We are planning for Data Center Migration of Power Center Server but not CDC Source Database Server (Deal is the application)



      we have 2 data centers.



      we are using 10.1 PWX Express Oracle CDC and 10.1.1 PowerCenter.



      Currently Source Database is Dc1 (Deal Oracle)  and Informatica PC is running in one of the servers in Dc1.



      Listener is running in Deal DB Server in DC1.

      Logger is running in PC Server1 in DC1.



      We are planning to move logger running in DC1 to DC2 (Informatica is already running in DC2 under same domain). But Deal DB will be running in Dc1 for some more days.



      Plan is:


      On Infa PC Movement day:



      1. Stop Logger in Power Center Server.

      2. Copy all CND Files and all files to new PC Server NFS. Make sure config files are pointing to Deal Database in DC1.

      3. warm start Logger in new PC Server.

      4. Resume the PC Jobs.


      dan.smith@informatica.com   Please review this plan and let me know our approach is fine.