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    Informatica EDC 10.2

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      Hello ,


      We are trying to import the ERWn file via creating  Resource in Informatica EDC 10.2 .

      However when we tried to test the connection , We are getting the below erroe and not understanding which connection details the error relate as we are using Erwin File .

      Could anybody help on this


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          Srinivas Pai Guru



          EDC uses LDM agent internally to connect to the datasource and extract the metadata via the Erwin clients.

          Have you followed the steps and configured the LDM agent for the resource extraction.

          A screenshot showing the resource config details would give more info



          The messages in the screenshot is pretty generic message and can point out to any missing details in the configuration,

          Please confirm that the LDM agent installed is up and running

          You can use the URL:





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            Hi Srini ,


            Thanks for reply .

            Your answer  will work if you are trying to fetch the  data from the Erwin database.


            However I am trying to import the data in EDC using  source as Erwin file and xml format of the same Erwin file .


            In both scenario Informatcia EDC is failed and I raised concern with Informatica global support team .


            Informatica accepted there is bug in the product and they are releasing the EBF soon 

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              Srinivas Pai Guru



              Thanks for the response.

              Can you please share the case number and EBF ID if possible