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    HELP! yes, I am a Newbie

    Jake Kludjian New Member

      I am new to Informatica. I will using the IDQ (cloud based) and DVO (desktop). I need assistance getting started and setting up my environment.


      I see there is a lot of content and resources. But if someone can direct men to a tutorial or video starting from the top that would be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance. 

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          Nico Heinze Guru

          Hi Jake,


          if you're an employee of an Informatica partner company, then I suggest you register on the Partner Portal (https://parc.informatica.com/partners/); once your application has been accepted by Informatica Partner Management, you can sign up for tons of free online trainings; there will be something like IDQ - First Steps or IDQ Development Level 1 or something like that.


          As an employee of a customer, there are basically two choices for you: either start by looking at the YouTube channel of Informatica, there should be tons of tutorials available there; or you take a "formal" training from Informatica University.


          For the moment I would leave out DVO for a simple reason: DVO uses Informatica PowerCenter under the hood to perform its tasks; as you don't have any experience with PowerCenter, you might feel overwhelmed by the breadth of details you sometimes have to cater for.


          So my personal suggestion is this:

          1. Get a formal training of take a look at some YouTube tutorial for IDQ.

          2. Once you feel halfway comfortable with IDQ, do the same for DVO.


          Regards and welcome to this wonderful crazy world,


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            Jake Kludjian New Member

            Thanks Nico.